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Hercules Comparaison Essay Is the possession of godly strength the main factor that presents you judgment as a god? Hercules is a demigod in Greek Mythology, son of Zeus, and obtained godly strength from birth . Hercules’ story tells of his struggle to become a god from the mortal being he is because he was denied god out of different reasons. The original myth and the Disney film version of the story both tell a story about the journey he set to become a god, and yet, there are many differences between the two versions. The film version has a clear plot development, it teaches the audience a good moral while being suitable for a bigger age range, and has more developed and expressed characters, therefore, the film version is more successful than the original myth version. In both versions, Hercules strived to become a god from the mortal being he was. He was raised by adoptive parents and had immense strength, fine mentors. He used his strength to great extents, did the 12 labours and benefited the people around him, finally, becoming a god. However, there is a difference in plot, in which the film version surpasses the original myth in. In the film version, Hercules was born a god, and turned into mortal by Hades, the god of the underworld who set his eyes on Hercules since he was born, and acknowledged Hercules as his greatest enemy that he must conquer since then. Since he was not a god, he couldn’t stay in Olympus with his parents, and for that reason, he lived with his kind adoptive parents on Earth. Hercules discovers that he can’t fit in with everyone, and wished for a real home, so he set forth to the temple of Zeus. He soon discovered his true identity as the fallen god, son to Zeus. In vain to rejoin his family, he set forth to find a mentor, and tries to truly become a hero. To that, the story goes into a clear rising action. After finding a

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