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Herbal Medicine: The Advantages and Disadvantages The average person attempts to medicate himself/herself for almost any symptom that he/she might posses. Usually taking whatever over-the-counter drug one can get to ease his/her ailment without researching what is actually used in the drug. The market is slowly shifting toward a more natural approach because one assumes natural means healthier, but one can still be uninformed about the effects the medicine has on his/her body. Herbal medicine, in the recent years, has grown significantly more popular; however, the majority of people who use it are unaware of all the benefits and even more so the disadvantages that herbal medicine can cause. Herbal medicine, also known as traditional medicine, has been used throughout history in many different civilizations around the world, even dating back as early as 3,000 BC as described in ancient Chinese and Egyptian writings. It has been reported that many of these civilizations used the same type of herbs to treat the same ailments. With the advent of modern medicine, scientists started to extract and change the active ingredients from certain plants and eventually started producing synthetic compounds modeled after the plants. This process began the decline of herbal medicine use in favor of pharmaceutical drugs mainly in America. Around the rest of the world herbal medicine is still widely used and Americans are starting to realize the advantages herbs have over prescription drugs and are shifting back to the natural approach (umm.edu, Herbal Medicine). The use of herbal medicine has many advantages to the consumer. The biggest advantage that has started the shift to herbal medicine is that “herbal medicines are very cheap in comparison to the conventional form of medication (Stan Tian, Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Medicine).” Also, they are very

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