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Myriam Davis History 101 Mr. Hughes Jeremy Tuesday, 18 November The First Greek Goddess, Hera Hera is considered the god of marriage, and she is best known for her opposition to Zeus on many matters, some of which even caused fear in the king of the gods. She epitomizes the duality between the subservient natures of an ancient woman to her husband and yet the great influence she could have over him. Hera worship began in 1000 B.C., in Greece and it ended 300 A.D., at Rome. She was Queen of the gods and wife of Zeus. Yeves Bonnefoy states that “Hera is a title given to her by the Greeks; it means ‘Lady’, she is depicted as a young lady, fully clad and of stunning beauty”. She is often is wearing a high, cylindrical crown. She was born, according to the Sumerians, in the isle of Samos on the banks of the river Imbrasos near a water willow which still existed in the days of Pausanias. She had been raised in one legend, by Macros or by the daughters of the river of Asterion. Her childhood was spent on the Isle of Euboea.” The first encounter between Hera and her husband Zeus, king of all the gods, was in the region of the Hesperides. Hera was not responding to his attempts to seduce her so he resorted to trickery that appealed to Hera's nurturing side. It was winter and Zeus turned himself into a cuckoo that appeared to be frozen from the cold. Hera, feeling sorry for the bird turned to her motherly instincts as she held the bird tightly to her breast to warm it. Zeus then transformed back into his normal shape and took advantage of the surprised state Hera was in. Unable to fight him off, Hera was raped and then persuaded to marry him to cover her shame. Hera was associated with Artemis and with the Morai, and they both received the cuttings of hair that young girls sacrificed before them before matrimony during the sacrifice that took place before the

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