Hephaestus Essay

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Hephaestus Vulcan god God of fire and the forge He is the armorer and the smith of the gods Patron god of both smiths and weavers powers Hephaestus possesses the conventional Olympian godly attributes of super human physical property, vitality, and functional immortality and is immune to harm and cannot get sick from earthly diseases Somewhat stronger than the other Olympian gods Can lift about 40 tons Weakness he is a very kind and loveable god. But he was ugly and lame thrown off a mountain at birth by his mother hera deformation on his leg Experience Made the breast plate for Zeus Girdle for Aphrodite Also designed the metallic female shaped robots that work for him Symbols A donkey travels with him Carries a hammer and tongs Fire and an ax Parents Was son of Zeus- king of gods Son of hera- goddess of marriage Might have been conceived prenuptial Siblings Elythia-goddess of childbirth Hebe- goddess of youth Ares- god of war Storys Hephaestus never forget his mothers cruel treatment, and when he was grown, he used is skills to create a beautiful golden throne as a gift to hera, dazzled by the magnificent gift, Hera rapidly accepted it and the moment she sat down, the chair trapped her and she couldn’t get up. When the gods asked him to release his mother he replied, he has no mother. Eventually diounysus got hephaustus drunk and got him to reveal how to release his mother. After this episode the Olympians accepted him as one of their own, but still made fun of him from time to time. But no one under estimated hepauestus skills as a master craftsman. He built gorgues halls and buildings on mount
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