Hepatic Functions Essay

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Hepatic Function Objectives: 1. List nine functions of the liver (as listed in class). 2. For products that are synthesized or metabolized (broken down), identify which products get secreted back into the blood stream, and which products are released into the bile duct. 3. Describe the basic anatomy of the liver. Identify: right and left lobe, falciform ligament, gall bladder, hepatic ducts, and bile duct. 4. Briefly describe what "bile salt" is, and explain the function of bile salt. Then describe what a gall stone is. 5. Big Objective. Explain the relationship between the hepatic artery, hepatic vein, and hepatic portal vein. Include how these blood supplies influence the vascularization of the lobule (which is the functional unit of the liver). 6. Explain what a portal triad is. Follow the output of bilirubin (which is hemoglobin waste) through the liver lobule and portal triad. Then explain how bilirubin is excreted in both the urine and feces. 7. Clinical Application: Explain how a diseased liver can result in jaundice, which is yellowing of the skin. Urinary System Objectives: 1. Name the three major organs of the urinary system. 2. Identify these macroscopic regions of the kidney: hilus, medulla, cortex, pyramids. columns. 3. What is the functional unit of the kidney? 4. Briefly explain how urine moves from the nephron to the bladder (order of ducts). 5. What "signals" the bladder to contract? What is the name of the muscle that controls bladder contraction? Also name the type of epithelial tissue that lines the bladder. 6. Name the two sphincters that control passage of urine from the bladder. Female Reproductive System: 1. List two functions of the gonads in each reproductive system. 2. Identify the female reproductive organ where each of these occurs: ovulation, fertilization, and

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