Henry Viii Essay

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World Civ II HENRY VIII After watching this movie it is obvious that King Henry definitely had eyes for the ladies. He was married six times to six different women. This movie was two discs, and by the time I finished the second disc it was definitely easier to remember who he married and when. There are so many names and different titles that it was difficult to remember the “who” without a face. The movie definitely made that easier to understand. The movie starts with Henry’s father’s death and the throne or ring being passed down. It was amazing to see just how much emphasis was placed on having an heir. It meant everything to Henry to have a son. He had been married to Catherine of Aragon, Spanish Princess, and had been a very popular king for over fifteen years. With Catherine, he has a daughter Mary, but still did not have a son to pass down the throne to. Since Catherine was passed her child rearing years, Henry began to fall in love with Anne Boyeln. At first Anne was not fond of him since he would not allow her to marry the man she loved based on their ranks, but eventually Anne ends up falling in love with the king. While watching this I was frustrated, it was obvious that anything the king wants, the king gets. He writes all these love letters to Anne trying to win her over, knowing that all he wanted from her was a son, not a companion. She basically tells him that she did not want to be just his mistress since he was already married. So Henry finds a way out of that marriage by convincing everyone that Catherine obviously had slept with his brother therefore his marriage to her, after seventeen years, was no longer legal. After marrying Anne, she in unable to give him a son but does give birth to his daughter Elizabeth. The majority of the movie was focused on Anne Boyeln and his love for her and I am thinking it was due to the fact that

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