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King Henry VIII and His Six Wife’s King Henry VIII was a king that used absolute power to rule his subjects. He also had six wifes because back than they didn’t know that it wasn’t the mans fault that they couldn’t have baby boys. This is the reason many of his wifes didn’t work out. Henry would have been the sibiling of six, but only three survived infancy. Henrys father and mother were king and queen so henry got a very good education. He was fluent in three different languages, the languages he knows are latain, French, and Spanish. Henry took the throne after his older brother aruther died. This is also when he got to marry his first wife Catherine of Aragon. Catherine of Aragon was originally supposed to marry henrys older brother aruthur, twenty weeks into there marriage aruthur died and she could marry henry. This wasn’t common in England at the time, but the pope allowed this to work this one time. The two tried to have a male kid so henry would have a heir to the throne when he passed away. They had one still born female girl, they didn’t give up hope and tried for another. That’s when they had young prince henry. “There were great celebrations for the birth of the young prince, but they were halted by the babys death after 52 days of life (tudorhistory.org). Catherine had another miscarage and another short lived son until they had a daughter named Mary. Henry was mad that he couldn’t have a heir to the throne and put Catherine in the tower of London and made Mary a bastard child. On January 7, 1536, Catherine finally died at the age of 51 (pbs.org). henry didn’t care that much that she died in fact he did as little as he could for her funeral. The king refused to spend more than “ was requisite or needful” on Catherine’s funeral and had her buried at Peterborough Abbey, not far from kinbolton castle. Apart from the dings niece no representative from

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