Henry Tam and the Mgi Team

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Question # 1: What is your evaluation of the team’s process, the way they work together? What are the underlying causes of any issues that you identify? The group meetings were disorganized and the team members did not have designated roles. The meetings typically consisted of a lot of brainstorming, but the team had trouble moving into the exploitation stage. Dana and Henry took on many different roles when they joined the team and the workload began to wear on them as the meetings progressed. There would be many different ideas and opinions voiced during meetings but the team was never able to reach consensus on any of these ideas or create an action plan. The team had difficulty reaching consensus because they did not take all team member opinions into consideration before making decisions. This was demonstrated by the fact that the MGI group did not consult the entire team before adding new members. The low productivity by the end of the case was caused by the lack of a structure during meetings and failure to create an agenda. In addition to the unstructured meetings, there was a lot of conflict within the team, most notably between Dana and Sasha. They had conflicting opinions and ways of working and this led to animosity between them. There were also some disagreements during team meetings. An underlying cause of the team conflict was the communication differences within the team. This was influenced by the different nationalities and backgrounds of the team members. The Russian team members tended to be very stubborn when it came to their opinions and the other team members found this style to be challenging. The conflict was also impacted by the different styles of working. Dana noted that there was an “inherent friction between business and creative people”. The students were concerned with the business plan and data while the MGI group was

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