Henry Lee Lucas

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One in four serial killers suffered from a head injury as a child or adolescent (Stone 235). If a certain area of the brain is damaged by whatever caused the injury, a person’s social skills and ability to relate with others can be severely maimed (235). Most head injuries are caused by a traumatic experience, such as child abuse (235). Henry Lee Lucas was beaten as a child and suffered from an alarming head injury from the whippings (Vronsky 277). Henry also developed a shocking amount of brain damage from the abuse (277). The brain damage may have contributed to his behaviors, but he also seemed to just purely enjoy killing and the fame that he gained from killing. Henry once claimed that he killed over 165 women (“Police Check Drifter’s...). Henry Lee Lucas made many false confessions and enjoy the notoriety he received from them (Gudjonsson 557). Although Henry Lee Lucas murdered many innocent people and partook in many disgusting and inhumane practices, he only confessed to the murder of three people- his mother, Becky Toole, and an elderly woman (Hudson n.p.). “I was brought up like a dog. No human being should have to be put through what I was,” Henry Lee Lucas claimed about his childhood (Philbin 105). In August of 1936 in the poor town of Blacksburg, Virginia, Viola Lucas gave birth to Henry Lee Lucas on the dirt floor of their four-room house (“Henry Lee Lucas Information”). Often described as “an old rattlesnake”, people never portrayed Viola as motherly (Berry-Dee 252). In fact, everybody described her as the complete opposite of a mother- hateful, violent, and angry (252). Viola Lucas served as a negative role model in Henry’s life. Viola was a prostitute with unconventional methods of business and enjoyed making people suffer. Viola made Henry sit in a corner and catch rats for her (Corin 178). After Henry caught the rats, Viola would hold him down

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