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The Life Of: Henry Hudson Short Biography ● Henry Hudson was born in England. ● He was borned in 1565. ● His Grandfather was Henry Hudson, who helped find the Muscovy Trading Company. ● He was an well educated Explorer and Navigator. ● He is famous for the discovery of the Hudson River, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay. They're named after Henry Hudson. ● He died in 1611 at Hudson Bay. Early Life ● In 1565, Henry Hudson was borned in London, ● ● ● England. His family was wealthy.Henry Hudson's Grandfather founded the Muscovy Trading Company. When Henry, was young he studied in cartography, astronomy, mathematics, and seamanship. He married a woman named Katherine and had three sons named John, Richard and Oliver. Hudson's First Voyage ● Henry Hudson's first voyage was to command an expedition "To discover a passage by the North Pole to China and Japan. ● The Muscovy Company financed and provided a ship called the Hopewell. ● The Hopewell was a small, old ship that only carried about 20 crew members. ● June, 1607: Henry Hudson reached Greenland. ● The conditions were terrible and the weather was freezing Hudson's Second Voyage ● In 1608, Henry was ready to command his second expedition to discover a Northeast passage through the Arctic waters North of Russia. ● The Muscovy Company financed the expedition and the Hopewell was used again. ● Henry Hudson travelled past Norway and towards Russia. ● Conditions on board, freezing weather, and ice lead to mutiny by the crew. ● This terrible weather forced Henry Hudson and the Hopewell to turn around. Hudson's Third Voyage ● 1608: Henry Hudson was ready to command his third expedition but was unable to find backers due to the failure to find the Northeast passage on his previous voyage. Henry Hudson went to the Dutch and they sponsored this expedition. Still looking for the Northeast passage,

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