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Henry Hudson Although Henry Hudson's explorations in search of a Northern sea passage to Asia ultimately yielded no such route, his four journeys inadvertently drew European attention to North America and its vast resources, as well as territory north of England. Very little is known about this English navigators personal life, apart from his campaigns, but his travels in search of trade and commerce in Asia ended with similar results in the New World. Henry Hudson was a relatively unknown explorer from England, who sailed under both English and Dutch flags, and he would have remained so had is "blunders" not brought him to the bay and river which now bear his name. As previously stated, details of Hudson's early life remain relatively unknown, as even his date of birth is clouded in controversy. The only knowledge of him, which overshadows the mystery surrounding his origins, is that he was a very adept navigator. Despite disagreements about his early life, all historians can agree that Henry spent the majority of his aboard a boat, eventually gaining notoriety for his seafaring skills. His abilities became well recognized, which gave him the ability to charter his first voyage in search of a Northwest Passage on his word alone. In May of 1607, he was able to convince the English Muscovy Company that there was an ice-free northerly route connecting China with Europe, and they willfully financed his endeavor. Upon setting sail, Hudson and his crew of ten headed North, eventually reaching the coast of Greenland on June 14. After about a week of hugging the coast of Greenland, he encountered massive ice barriers, which forced him to head East. Hudson sailed along this barrier until he stumbled upon "Newland"(the present day Svalbard archipelago, specifically Spitsbergen); noting the plethora of whales present, he later urged fishermen the go after larger game in

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