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MANAGEMENT SKILLS REPORT This report will record the managerial skills demonstrated by Henry Ford in his management position at the Ford Motor Company (FMC). The report will give examples that illustrate his decisional roles. This section will explain how Henry Ford played various roles in FMC that were essential for him to attain a successful business. Decisional roles are managerial roles that revolve around using information to make choices. The role of an entrepreneur is to find opportunities to help achieve goals. A manager at FMC would have to know what qualities of an automobile appeal to the consumers, to be able to construct a better one. Henry Ford played this role in 1908 when he realized that only people of high class could afford to buy a “horseless carriage” He decided to make an automobile that was more practical and much less expensive. Henry’s goal was to make a car that would generate the most profit for their business. His goal was achieved when he made the Model T, the first affordable automobile that opened travel to the common middle-class American. Henry’s role of an entrepreneur was also displayed 20 years later. The model T was outdated and people were enjoying the stylish Chevrolet 6-cylindar engine more. He seized this opportunity, therefore constructing a more modern, trendy, car named the Model A that had a V8 engine. Sales of the Model A were exceptionally well, and FMC was making more money again. The role of a disturbance handler is to mediate conflicts. Henry Ford played this role remarkably well, revolutionizing the workplace. When the Model T was first created, hundreds of thousands of people wanted to purchase it. Making enough cars to meet the demands of the consumers was nearly impossible, but Henry found a way to solve this problem; the moving assembly line. The moving assembly line solved FMC’s problem of losing sales, and

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