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Outline Introduction Detroit – Beginnings Background of Henry Ford Detroit - Ford Era and Beyond Background of Dan Gilbert Detroit – Gilbert Era and Today Ford and Gilbert Philanthropy and Detroit Ford and Gilbert Leadership/Management Styles Comparisons Five Lessons Conclusion Introduction With the standardization and affordability of the Model T, Henry Ford left a mark on Detroit that changed the city forever. The city thrived and attracted people from all over the world in droves. Today, Detroit is often the brunt of many jokes and is in a current state of disarray. Dan Gilbert, who’s more well-known titles include the founder of Quicken Loans and owner of the Cleveland Caveliers, is looking to take the current state of the broken city of Detroit and renovate it to the Ford era decadence. This paper examines the history of city of Detroit to see how it rose and fell to the state it is in today, and a man who helped create it and a man who is looking to re-define it and see it thrive again with underlying themes that entrepreneurs can learn from the city of Detroit as well as Ford and Gilbert. Detroit – Beginnings To gain an understanding of what made Detroit into a thriving city and how it became what it is today, it’s important to begin with a background of how the city of Detroit evolved. Nestled in the Great Lakes region with plentiful lakes and rivers, Native Americans used Detroit as a prime trading region for hundreds of years before the arrival of European colonists. That era came to an end in 1701 when the French explorer Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac landed on the banks of the Detroit River and established a fort. Throughout the 1700’s, Detroit went through a series of ownership changes. In 1760, the British took over rule from the French as a result of the French and Indian War. Later, in 1796, as a result of Jay’s

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