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Henry Ford Cars are used constantly throughout a person’s everyday life, however has the thought ever crossed your mind of how it was made? Who made it? Henry ford is the man responsible for the creation most people drive in everyday. Many people often are pass up the importance of the influence Henry ford has made on our society. To begin with, Henry Ford was born on July 30th 1863; he was the first born and oldest child of six children. His father and mother were William and Mary Ford. He grew up on his family’s farm, what is now called Dearborn Michigan. The family farm was very successful and provided a very comfortable lifestyle for the Ford family. Despite the success of his family’s farm, Henry’s true passion was for mechanical things. When Henry reached age sixteen he left his home and headed off to a near by a town in Detroit, he was looking for a shop to open up for his machines, Later on he was successful of opening his own shop to sell things that he created. Months later he decided to he back home and work on the farm. Years later he married a women named Clara Bryant in 1888. Ford supported his wife by running a sawmill. Years later, Henry became involved in the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Ford designed the Model T car, and started his own business. The Model T had a huge impact on society, more and more Americans were using automobiles as a source of transportation. “In 1914, Ford began paying his employees five dollars a day, nearly doubling the wages offered by other manufacturers. He cut the workday from nine to eight hours in order to convert the factory to a three-shift workday. Ford's mass-production techniques would eventually allow for the manufacture of a Model T every 24 seconds.”(Henry Ford 1). Shortly after the Model T was created the first was sold to a man, by a close town in Michigan for only 850 dollars. Ford has also

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