Henry Fleming In The Red Badge Of Courage

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As The Red Badge of Courage begins, members of a newly recruited regiment are arguing over a rumor stating that they are finally going to move out on the next day and attack the enemy. A young soldier, named Henry Fleming, doesn’t participate in the debate and instead thinks about what will happen to him when they get to battle. He wonders if he will run or stand and fight bravely. He enlisted because he wanted to be a hero. His mother, however, wasn’t interested in this idea at all, and discouraged him from enlisting. When he finally did, she didn’t have a sweet, loving speech for him. She just says that if he is ever in a situation where he will be killed or do something wrong, he should go with his feelings. With that, Henry left his home and entered his army duty. He hadn’t seen his enemies yet,…show more content…
They fight with all of their might, once more. Henry feels different this time. He feels that the monster of war will come through the gray smoke and swallow him. After a few men around him flee, the young soldier’s own fear gets the best of him. He drops his weapon and runs from the battle. As he goes through the forest and past cannons, he is sure that the monster is right behind him and that the others fighting against it are crazy and pretty much asking to be killed. When he finally stops by an officer, he discovers that his regiment won the battle. He’s amazed. He realizes that what he has done was very wrong. He imagines the insults he will have to put up with when he returns to camp and tries to get as far away from them and the monster as possible. He walks into a forest. The noises of the war gradually become muted. He feels more at peace with his self. While he is walking, he comes across a corpse with a faded uniform. The glossy stare grabs him for a moment and strikes him with fear. Henry slowly turns away, creeping from the body; then he begins to run as fast as he

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