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ANDREW JACKSON I believe that Andrew Jackson was a bad president. It’s because of the way he treated the Indians. When Jackson became president he destroyed the bank. It might be good for some people, but the rich didn’t favor Jackson’s choice. Then Jackson made a law called “The Indian Removal Act”. It was bad because this was the removal all Indian tribes to areas west of the Mississippi. A reason why this is bad is because on the Trail of Tears. (Indians migration to the west). Indians where treated like garbage they where force to travel gruesome miles in the freezing cold. So they had to follow what ever the soilders said. Many Indians died on the trail of tears. Another reason is that Jackson ruled some what like a king. If their was some law that wasn’t exactly what Jackson wanted Jackson vetoed it. Jackson also was becoming to powerful and tried to do anything Jackson wanted. Some other reasons were that Jackson was a hot headed. Jackson always gets mad easily. Like when Jackson was little, Jackson almost got his head cut off by a sword because Jackson refused to clean a soilder’s shoes, but he blocked it with his hand. Jackson also challenged people to a dual. For example, when Charles Dickinson offended his wife, Jackson challenged him to a dual. So in the end, Jackson won with 1 bullet about an inch away from his heart. Jackson also had a dual with Henry Clay, but in the end they both rasied their weapons and shot and they called it a draw. This time Jackson learned how to control his anger. Jackson was known as the commen mans president. Jackson threw a lot of parties. Jackson got most of his support from the south/west, Jackson was known for *mud slinging* which was miss use of money and Jackson was known for using the spoils system which is rewarding your friend with giving them public office which

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