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HENRY BY: 4st period AP Psychology Chapter One Once upon a time, not long ago, lived a lonely doctor who; despite all of his riches and awards longed for companionship. One day, while in his study, the doctor watched as the kids outside his window played in their lawns. A thought came to the doctor, why not create son of his own; a boy who he could share all of his knowledge and ideas with. So the doctor spent long hours week after week in his laboratory creating the perfect son out of old metal and tin he had just lying around. Finally, on one stormy Sunday evening, the doctor was finished with his boy. After attaching the chip that controlled all of his functions to the back of his neck the doctor stepped back and took a look at his work. He was satisfied, the metal boy lying on the medical bed looked like more of a robot then a boy, but the doctor promised to love him regardless. Now there was only one thing to do; make sure the chip worked. Nervousness stirring in his gut, the doctor walked over to his computer and pressed the activator button. A loud rumbling started and the doctor turned around to see the robot sitting up with smoke coming from each of the knobs on the side of his head. The doctor jumped up and ran to the bed. All of a sudden the robot boy began to move. “Hello father,” the robot said. With glee the Doctor grabbed the robot boy in his arms and jumped up and down “hello my son! Hello my…” the doctor paused “my Henry” he said finally Chapter Two After a long day of studying with the Doctor, Henry went to the Doctors study to watch the children through the window, play. While watching the boy who lived in the blue house across the street from him bend over and pick up a basket ball and shoot it in the hoop over his head, a thought came to him. “Father,” he called, “yes, what is it Henry?” the doctor answered, now

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