Henri Bresson- a Critical Essay

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The amazing Henri Cartier-Bresson. Not only ingenius photographer, but also extremely wise man. A legend.. you can`t overestimate his significance for photography.For example this first image in the collection. The man seems to be floating through the air or walking on the water. He shot this image through a hole between some bars. He could not actually see the scene when pressing the release button and certainly not the man. “So this was only luck” an interviewer said to him. “It`s all luck” he responded. He surely has a more holistic way of seeing things, or life. More integral than the most of us.With 21 he left Paris and started to travel around the world. He was looking for adventure not for photography. if you wait and want something to happen… you will never get anything… just be perceptive and things will happen.Perhaps this is the most important message he is giving. It`s almost like one of these Zen sayings.. spiritual. Or let`s take this picture. One of my favorite pictures from Bresson. He talks a lot about the geometry of the moment. He found the staircase interesting, so he waited until something happened in the left edge and hit the release button.Great Picture.. I can`t even explain why it is so fascinating. I guess it has something to do with the golden ratio or the fibunacci numbers. The form of the stair-case reminds me of the shell formed by the fibunacci series.The bicycle brings a sense of movement into the photography and also balances the image. But the triangle in the upper part of the image is making this perfect… I don`t know why.. amazing eye this man.This picture is somewhat similar, but is more complex.Again a staircase with a running girl in it and the surrounding rectangles and the play of sun and shadows..wow.. great. I love this image too. The image was shot on the usual walk Henry Bresson had with some friends, where

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