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BIOL 104 Hemp as a cash crop The article, “Hemp: Our Original Industrial Crop.’’ gives some history of the United States and its’ #1 cash crop. This article from the Wise Living Journal states that, hemp, a plant that is outlawed today was once a highly used resource. Hemp is low maintenance and is said to be a weed-type that grows naturally throughout the U.S. in a variety of different climates. The stalks of each plant are dense and provide more biomass per acre than the largest trees. Biomass is the amount of living matter that can be used as a fuel source. Hemp is easy to transfer; so that could lead to more ecological means of transport could be utilized. Hemp is stronger than cotton and its cellulose can be used to produce strong plastics. Cellulose is something that makes up the cell walls of plants, and this one is really strong. This article, “Hemp: Our Original Industrial Crop.’’ written in 2008, goes on to say that Mercedes Benz uses hemp-based composites to form the body of the cars they manufacture. When hemp seeds are extracted for their oil, the uses are many; Hempseed oil can be used to produce the bases of paints, detergents, lotions, etc. and hemp oil is compared to sunflower and canola oils and said to be more nutritious than both. It is efficient in heating oil and can be easily converted into an alternative fuel source. This plant could be used for so much. America’s oil dependence is something that needs to be adjusted. Oil is a fossil fuel supply which is not being created as fast as it is being drained. It is something that has been the cause of many deaths in two world wars. Hemp could be contributing to our independence in lieu of the government spending money to burn these crops that grow naturally. Some food crop production is being geared toward making a fuel called Ethanol. Ethanol is a healthy alternative to

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