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There are two types of hemophilia, type A and type B with A being the more common. In this discussion we will be reviewing type A and with it, its history, genetic origin, signs and symptoms of the disease, physiology, treatment and diagnosis and the current research that is being done to both eliminate and control the disease. The Jews were the first to have reported the disease, going so far as enacting a law stating if you had two sons who died of circumcision, then the third son was not be circumcised. Later, hemophilia became known as the royal disease on account of queen Victoria of England having been a carrier and passing it down to many of her offspring. With royalty intermarrying, it was much more prevalent in hierarchy than it was of others. © 2006 National Hemophilia Foundation Finally in 1947 by a doctor from Buenos Aires discovered that there are two distinct types of hemophilia, type A and type B. (Wikipedia 19 July 2013 ) The disease itself is quite rare, occurring in one out of every 5 to 10 thousand children born. Due to it being a sex linked genetic disease, it is more common in males than in females, as will be explained shortly. The genetics behind the disease are not quite cut and dry. There are two ways to pass down this disorder. The first way (which happens about 2/3 of the time) is by the parents passing it down to their offspring via sex linked inheritance. The second way is through spontaneous mutation which happens about 1/3 of the time. We will first discuss the first way by use of a couple having children as an example. © 2013 Homecare for the Cure a division of NCHS Holdings, Inc. Hemophilia is an X linked disorder. Women typically have two X chromosomes, while men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. If the hemophilia gene is found on one of the X chromosomes while the other X chromosome is without,

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