Hemingway & Ellis Comparison Essay

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Content Introduction Genre Discussion Fictionalized Autobiography? Fictionalized Memoirs and Ironic Autofiction Fictional Autobiography as a Self-­Analytical Tool A Moveable Feast The Shape of the Hemingway Myth The Motifs of the Hemingway Myth Hemingway’s Self-­Analysis A Moveable Feast as Fictional Autobiography Lunar Park The Shape of the Ellis Myth The Motifs of the Ellis Myth Ellis’ Self-­Analysis Lunar Park as Fictional Autobiography Comparison Postmodernist versus Realist Self-­Analysis and the Postmodernist/Realist Dichotomy Ironic Autofiction, Fictionalized Memoirs and the Postmodernist/Realist Dichotomy Conclusion Bibliography 2 5 6 11 14 15 16 20 29 34 37 38 42 54 58 62 63 69 73 77 79 1 Introduction When exploring the field of autobiography as a form of literature, one quickly discovers that it is a genre that, on the one hand, can be easily defined and, on the other hand, seems impossible to make useful distinctions about in terms of its aim and scope. It is easy to define because it is a genre that is self-explanatory even to the point that it does not need to be defined. However, if one starts to consider the implications of autobiographical writing, it emerges as a genre category that can encompass almost all writing since the case can be made that all writing is essentially autobiographical. The Oxford English Dictionary offers the following

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