Helping Struggling Readers with Vocabulary Essay

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Karen Miles In Collaboration with Stephen Brock and Emily Huitt EDU 523 Topic 5-8 July 7, 2014 Meaning Vocabulary Students entering schools in primary grades are usually in one of two groups. The first group is one that has a wide range of vocabulary, which leads them to comprehension of unfamiliar words when reading. The other group is the students who come to school lacking a wide range of vocabulary, which leads them to comprehension problems when reading unfamiliar words. This problem is one that seems to widen as the students advance in grade level. It is the teacher’s responsibility to enhance the student’s vocabulary experience through their teaching and environment. The classrooms of teachers who support the vocabulary development of their students are energized verbal environments—environments in which words are not only noticed and appreciated, but also savored and celebrated (Kucan, L., 2012). Teaching professionals need to help students increase their vocabulary, because those students with larger vocabularies tend to recognize words more easily and more importantly, and attach meaning to words. There is a tremendous gap between students who have large vocabulary repertoires when they come to school and those who do not (Hart & Risley, 1995). This problem seems to be recurring and widening each year as students advance in grades. This deficiency is something that educational professionals are addressing in the classroom, and teaming with parents, community members, and local businesses to try and minimize this issue. The classroom teacher, or teaching professional, needs to create a vocabulary rich environment that supports their student’s growth in this area. Whether the teacher makes the vocabulary intentional or unintentional it needs to be stressed daily. The classroom environment must include phonology,

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