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Lecture Notes: Helping Others Find Significance in Life by Dr. Ed Hindson Course Description: How do you point out the meaning and significance of life to someone who is struggling with low self-esteem? In this lesson, you will learn what is at the heart of the struggle with thoughts and feelings of inferiority and worthlessness. Guidelines to encourage and challenge others to find true significance and personal value in life are also given. Learning Objectives: At the end of this lesson, you will be able to: 1. Understand the creation, fall and salvation of man. 2. Distinguish between self-esteem and self-denial. 3. Develop a Biblical understanding for finding personal significance in life. Introduction: The search for purpose, meaning and value in life affects us all. It is easy to develop feelings of worthlessness and inferiority. You will learn that personal value does not come from what you do or what others think of you; rather, it comes from helping others find true significance and healing in life. We will explore how God’s grace can forgive our sins, overcome our limitations and equip us for His service. One of the greatest struggles in life is the search for significance. If I don’t understand who I am, how can I help others understand who they are? In this lesson we will explore the balance of discovering who we really are in the plan and purpose of God. I. Humans are Unique Beings A. Created in Image of God (Genesis 1:27) B. Created with Distinctions 1. Plants: Sense-Awareness 2. Animals: Self-Awareness 3. Humans: God-Awareness II. Humans are Fallen Beings A. Fall into Sin (Genesis 3) – Sin defaced the image of God. B. Human Depravity – Sin controls our hearts and actions. In spite of our sinful nature, humans

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