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One thing many college freshmen are concerned about is the transition into college life. For those who live on campus, it is generally the first time that a person has the level of freedom that is associated with living out of one’s parent’s house. On top of the heightened academic pressure, freshmen have to find a way to adapt to the basic labors that come with having their own place of residence. For some it is their first time doing their own laundry, the first time they have to clean their room regularly, or even do their own dishes. One of the most difficult transi-tions for freshmen is getting all three meals of their own accord every day (Baxi). To aid freshmen with the adaptation to college life, most colleges have a mandatory freshman meal plan. The main idea behind these plans is to lessen the stress on students by letting them know that they are ensured meals. This is supposed to allow for more time for freshman to have more time to study. The students will not need to take time out to go food shopping or cook and a variety of food will be available. Students will be less concerned about money management and planning their meals accordingly (Manojlovic). However, the question of how effective the meal plans are at achieving their desired goals still remains. At Drexel University there are three meal plans available for freshman to take. These consist of the Blue Meal Plan, 12 meals a week at the Dining Center plus 475 Dining Dollars, the Gold Meal Plan, unlimited meals at the Dining Center and 200 Dining Dollars, and the Platinum Meal Plan, 12 meals a week at the Dining Center, 550 Dining Dollars, five Dining Center guest passes, and a surprise pack. These plans span a full three terms; the first two plans cost $5025 and the third costs $5250 (Dining Services). This means that Drexel assumes that freshmen need to spend over $1500 on food per term.
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