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Geographic- We will be a beverage store located in Anaheim, California near the Curves Fitness gym. This gym is located strategically near many important markets and the store will advertise itself as many consumers go the many other stores out there. Our geographic importance is that there will be many athletes going out and in from the gym. They are most likely to be tired or dehydrated. They will be in need of a drink and we can sell our energy and sports drinks. In a recent survey about 30% drink an energy drink after doing a major work out and 60% drink a sports drink. By having athletes try out our products we are more likely to get them as a loyal base and in turn buy our final products which is the soda. Demographic- We plan to market our products to people that are 13-45 who work out the most and will buy sports drinks. People that are 13-30 are more likely to buy our soft drinks. Mostly teenagers and college students ranging from 13-26 will have a lifestyle with little sleep. We have no racial preference as we will try to get a multi-background loyal base. Psychographic – The People who go for products would have a very active lifestyle. They are more likely to be dehydrated and in need of beverages. People with an exhausting, and crazy lifestyle that depends on little sleep and a lot of work will most likely go for energy drinks to keep them going. We will also need to fuel athletes with our sports drinks and make them energetic through their

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