Three Biomes In The Lion King

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Name________________ Section: ___________ Lion King Worksheet Part II 28-30. Name three different biomes that you saw Simba in. The three biomes seen in The Lion King are the tropical rainforest, desert, and savanna grassland. 31-36 . Name 2 characteristics that allowed you to identify the biome Biome Name | Characteristics of the Biome | 28. tropical rainforest | 31. 32. | 29. desert | 33. 34. | 30. savanna grassland | 35. 36. | 37-38. In the beginning of the movie Scar is about to eat a mouse. Identify the: 37. Predator ____Scar_____ 38. Prey ___mouse___ 39. When explaining the Circle of Life Mufasa says to Simba, "When we die our bodies become the grass." Name the process that Mufasa is referring to. _____________…show more content…
During the song Oh I Just Can't Wait to Be King" the crocodile has birds in its mouth. This is a symbiotic relationship. What type of symbiotic relationship is it? __________ 41. Draw a possible food chain which you saw in the movie. 42. Describe another symbiotic relationship in the movie aside from the relationship of the crocodile and the bird. (Give the name of the relationship and give a short description). 43. Why is it that in real life the cooperative symbiotic relationship depicted in the movie between Timone and Pumba, and Simba is far fetched? Explain in terms of their nutritional role (i.e. producer, detritivore, omnivore,

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