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Osteosarcoma Characteristics: * Osteosarcomas make up about 65% of primary bone carries and account for about 10% of all childhood cancers. * Tumors around the knee (most often just about it) account for almost 75% of osteosarcomas. Causes and Risk Factor * Age and Height * Race/Ethnicity * Radiation to bones * Certain cancer symptoms Signs and Symptoms * Bone fracture that occurs even after normal & routine movement * Bone pain * Limit in motion * Limping if tumor affects a foot * Redness, swelling, tenderness of the affected area * Pain when lifting or doing anything * Pain may be worse during exercise or at night, and a lump or swelling may develop in the affected area up to several weeks after the pain starts. Diagnosis * An x-ray is often the first diagnostic test that osteosarcoma patients receive, and an experienced radiologist may recognize immediately that bone cancer is the likely diagnosis. * Needle biopsy * Bone x-ray - A bone x-ray can give important information about bone lesions that could indicate osteosarcoma. * Open biopsy - The surgeon cuts through the skin, finds the tumor, and cuts out a piece of tissue. * Positron emission tomography (PET) - Cancer cells use glucose (sugar) more quickly than most other body organs. Treatment * Medical Oncologists - Chemotherapy * Radiation therapy * Surgical Oncologist Prevention * The cause for this type of cancer has not been established yet. Prognosis * The size and location of the osteosarcoma * Whether the cancer is localized, metastatic, or recurrent * How long the patient has had symptoms * The patient's blood test results (and other test results) * How much of the cancer is taken out by surgery or killed by chemotherapy * The patient's age
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