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An Introduction The Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum (ERWC) is based on the assumption that to be a good writer one must be a good reader. Further, effective readers and writers acquire a reflective and rhetorical stance toward their own work and the ideas and concepts represented in the work of others. The curriculum therefore seeks to forge relationships between reading and writing to encourage thoughtful questioning of texts, promote exploration of new perspectives, and enhance ways of acquiring knowledge. Use of the ERWC is becoming more and more widespread among high school faculty, with many teachers taking the professional development course and implementing various modules. Additionally, the number of schools adopting the course to satisfy the “b” area of the UC’s “a-g” requirements is growing. We hope that California’s teachers become increasingly aware of the course, the capacity it has to reduce CSU remediation, and the importance of expository reading and writing for college readiness. The competencies promoted throughout the curriculum are aligned with the California English Language Arts K-12 standards and are foundational to becoming a successful expository reader and writer at the post secondary level. Since reading and writing encompass a wide range of complex skills that may unfold differently for each student, the curriculum uses a variety of pedagogical approaches, with the teacher serving as coach and facilitator as students develop writing fluency, increase their abilities to critically read and evaluate college-level texts, and gain expertise in skillfully employing a wide array of reading and writing strategies that will serve them well during their college careers and beyond. The Expository Online Reading and Writing Community Some FAQs about the ERWC What is the purpose of the ERWC, and

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