Help End Gendercide: Support All Girls Allowed Essay

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All Girls Allowed is a nonprofit organization founded June 2010, with a mission to “Expose, Rescue, and Celebrate (AGA Mission, n.d.)”. They are working to expose the injustice of China’s one-child policy, rescue girls and mothers from gendercide, and celebrate women by “embracing them as equal image-bearers of God (AGA Mission, n.d.).” In accomplishing the task, they will restore life, value, and dignity to girls and mothers in China. In 1979, Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping established China’s one child policy (Rosenberg, 2012). This policy continues to limit couples to having just one child. In response to subsequent pregnancies, which is considered “out of the plan” and, therefore, illegal the Chinese government issues steep “fines, pressures to abort a pregnancy, and even forced sterilization. (Rosenberg, 2012)” The policy has reduced China’s population by 300 million people over these first twenty years (Rosenberg, 2012). Unfortunately, Chinese culture favors male children to female for retirement purposes resulting in 37 million more men than women in China. Because boys are so favorable and there is only room for one child in a family, baby girls are being aborted, sometimes without parental consent or abandoned entirely. Since there are not enough females to go around, the girls are also being trafficked to secure a bride for a family’s son (Lagon, 2007). In an effort to end gendercide, All Girls Allowed has set up a program that uses donation funds to support poor pregnant Chinese families (End Gendercide, n.d.). They hope in doing so that husbands and in-laws (very influential in Chinese culture) can recognize this gift of money as adding value to baby girls and in turn decide to keep their daughters (End Gendercide, n.d.). The desired outcome is that gender ratios would be restored in these villages. AGA also hosts an anti-trafficking website with

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