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1. sell or transfer 2. 0.08 3. low beam 4. Pull off the road completely until visability improves 5. yours 6. an oncoming vehicle 7. large tour bus 8. u are involved in a collision and there is a death 9. continue through the intersection, pull to the right, and stop 10. never turn in front of an approaching light rail vehicle 11. either of the two right lanes 12. can't see 13. pedestrians always have the right of way 14. begin or end left turn, or start a permitted u turn 15. over ur shoulders 16. yes, but yield to any vehicle or person still in the intersection 17. vehicles on this road travel in two directions 18. have a large enough gap in the oncoming traffic 19. at the crosswalk and wait for the pedestrain to cross the street 20. there is a pedestrian crossing ahead 21. start braking before u enter the curve 22. let the call go to voivemail 23. look for vehicles or bicyles on the traffic side of your vehicle 24. slow down so u can stop if necessary 25. u may not enter the road from ur direction 26. Look over ur shoulder to be sure the vehicle isn't in ur blind spot 27. 4ft,9in tall or taller and wear a safety belt 28. slow or stop ur vehicle and use ur horn 29. they increase ur chances of survival in most types of collision 30. illegal at all times 31. on a divided highway where there is paved opening for a turn 32. even if u do not see any other vehicles around 33. pass the work zone carefully and avoid distractions 34. Leave ur vehicle in gear or the park position 35. drive into the turnout areas or lanes to let them pass 36. should slow down and be ready to stop, if necessary 1. sell or transfer 2. 0.08 3. in the trunk 4. leave a note w/your name and address on the parked vehicle 5. 15mph 6. they must stop before crossing railroad tracks 7. motorcylists have the same right/responsibilities ad

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