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HELP! I Don’t Want to Kill My Partner…But He Is Beating Me ABSTRACT: When most people think of domestic violence, they quickly think about physical abuse; however, to just think about the physical abuse part would be incorrect. Domestic violence abuse can be displayed as sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions. This research paper will analyze how Battered Women Syndrome affects many abused women daily. Many medical professionals argue that battered women, who kill, usually suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder explains a battered woman behavior as to why she commits murder. Battered Women Syndrome is when a woman endures the abuse that their male partner subjects upon them which impairs their better judgment. This research combines multiple resources on battered women who have killed their partners and those who have escaped their abusive relationship without killing. Researchers have studied the influences that PTSD have on battered women. What are the many factors that constitute to a woman having PTSD? This research paper will investigate how PTSD effects battered women. My goal in this research is to explore the biological profiles of women who have suffered from Battered Women Syndrome who sought to stay in their abusive relationship and eventually kill their intimate partner. I will also investigate the lives of battered women who suffered from PTSD that left the abusive relationship without killing. The comparison of these women will give an insight into the world of women who have been abused by their partners and their reasoning for acting a particular way. The results of my research will explain treatment of the comparison between battered women who kill their partners and those that do not. Women that are treated for PTSD are less likely to kill their partners than those that choose not to receive treatment. I

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