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Belinda Wilson February 14, 2013 Hour 4 Unemployment The Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program is a Federal-State cooperative effort in which monthly estimates of total employment and unemployment are prepared for many different areas, such as, States, Small Labor Market Areas, Counties and county equivalents, Cities of 25,000 population or more, and Cities and towns in New England regardless of population. The Current Population Survey provides information on the employment and unemployment experience of the Nation's population, classified by age, sex, race, and a variety of other characteristics. The Mass Layoff Statistics program uses a standardized, automated approach to identify the effects of major job cutbacks, using data from each State's unemployment insurance database. Some establishments filed against them. Establishments are identified according to industry and location, and unemployment insurance claims are identified by characteristics such as age, race, sex, ethnic group, and place of residence. Productivity The Major Sector Productivity program develops quarterly labor productivity measures for the major U.S. economic sectors including the business sector, the nonfarm business sector, nonfinancial corporations, and manufacturing, along with subsectors of durable and nondurable goods manufacturing. The Major Sector Productivity program develops indexes of multifactor productivity for the private business and private nonfarm business sectors of the economy and for the aggregate manufacturing sector, as well as for 18 3-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) manufacturing industries. The Industry Productivity program develops annual labor productivity and unit labor cost measures for selected U.S. industries. Industry measures cover about 55 percent of employment in the nonfarm business sector of

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