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Overall watching this movie was a mind blowing experience. Not only was it educational but it was semi funny as well, and it appealed well to me as an audience. Since the two main narrators are possibly credible for the information that was given in the movie the facts can be believable and understood. There were multiple things that I didn’t know that were pointed out in this movie, and things I would have never guessed could happen in the world. One of the main things that struck my attention was the segment about incentives with real estate agents. I feel that the world is ridged after watching the movie, the fact that when home owner sell their homes it’s only basically for profit amongst them; it is targeted towards the customer but it is not. As homeowners sell the homes the best interest isn’t put into the valued customer but only in the investor. A portion of the money that is split amongst the real estate and the customer is about a fraction of half of what the real estate is making. Real estate agents are hired professionals to be able to do this, and taken advice from the movie I would wait at least a week or two before I sold my home. Everyone is seemed to be judged by their name, either it’s Bob or Tameka the person is judged. Not just from the video but from actual life of others your name does not determine your destiny in life. If your name is a very tribal name which connects to your African roots that doesn’t mean that you won’t be anything in life, which connects to the African American status quo. The movie made a lot of sense where during the last 1960’s where the African American movement was occurring everyone of the black community wanted to stand out and be identified, which is where all of the unique diversity names of the African American culture originated from. A persons family, life style, community and neighborhood plays an

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