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Chapter 1: The Problem and its background Introduction In all aspect of life, specifically in the business world and in other organizations, data are precious elements. There are many ways to handle and manipulate data. These data should be stored in a database, which serves as the repository or container. There are many reasons why we need to keep them in database systems, one of which is to avoid inconsistency, minimized redundancy, maintain the integrity of the data, and determine the transaction support provided, to enforce security of the database and to share the data within the organization. Although the existence of records management may be as old as the organizations themselves, most organizations are still not sure about the role that record management plays in their daily operation. This raises serious concerns as to whether the role of record management is reflected in the plans of any of these organizations. Even though most organizations appear not to take records management seriously, there are those who are trying their best to save their records the sole aim being quicker and easier access to information. If records are properly managed, it becomes very easy to locate any record, if the necessary information is available. A compliant records management program is necessary for organizations to proactively and progressively manage all data, media and information. As the number of laws and severity of punishment governing records management continues to increase, it becomes even more paramount that organizations follow best practices for proper records management. Organizations need to demonstrate “good faith” intentions to follow these best practices consistently and accurately. An organization with a solid foundation of proven successful records management practices will: Preserve the right information for the correct length of time, Meet legal

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