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Andrew Benson September 21, 2014 B2 Film Film Critique Cutie and the Boxer Do you and another member of your family share a similar passion? Do you both enjoy an activity that could include dancing, football, cartooning, or maybe even swimming? I bet it must feel great that someone that you’re close to has the same interests that you have. But have you ever felt that your family member is better at your shared passion than you? Do you ever think that he or she gets more recognition for this passion than you do? This is how artist Noriko Shinohara felt during her marriage to her more recognizable husband. The biographical documentary, Cutie and the Boxer, directed by Zachary Heinzerling, explores the utterly confusing relationship and the shared passion between an interesting married couple. Cutie and the Boxer explores the disorganized forty-year marriage of famed Japanese “boxing” painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko. Once a star in the 1970’s New York art movement, Eighty-year old Ushio is preparing for his latest show, hoping to rejuvenate his career. Noriko, increasingly enthusiastic to discard her role as her arrogant husband’s assistant, sets off to seek her own identity. She begins to develop a character alter ego which she calls “Cutie”, and she features this character through her own illustrations, which depicts her chaotic marriage with Ushio. Cutie and The Boxer is a very touching, heartwarming, and beautifully filmed documentary about art, marriage, and life. The film delicately investigates the back-and-forth feelings of annoyance and devotion between a husband and wife who both share a similar passion. Usually, films that observe the relationship between a husband and wife would have a genuinely longer running time. But this film expertly manages to do so in a mere hour and a half. The film also steadily balances moments of humor

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