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After reading “Back at the Ranch” by Jay Allison, my opinion is that the author wants the readers to be curious to whether they are in the right place in life or doing the right thing. He wants us to feel the situation that this 15 year old was in, and he wants us to compare it to our lifestyle, or try to relate it with a personal experience. He wants us to think and try to relate to the situation that the hippie and the 15 year old boy are in. I think that this essay does succeed in making a difference with readers. While I was reading “Back at the Ranch” it made me think back on some things that have happened in my life, to make me wonder who I was or what I was doing. It also helps you realize that you aren’t the only one who has these types of problems. Everyone goes through something, and some way or another everyone has to figure out who they really are, or what they want to do with their life. I would characterize the tone of this piece as fast pace, mainly because of the picture that the author is trying to paint in your head. For example the hippie pulling up in his red corvette, when I think of a corvette I instantly think fast. The way that they chase after him with shot guns makes me feel like they are in a hurry, or rushed, which also makes me think fast pace. When reading this essay the voice in my head was automatically reading in a faster pace just because of that picture that the author had painted in my head all throughout the essay, it was almost like an adrenalin rush. The short sentences and the short paragraphs to me are very effective. They are short and straight to the point. This makes this essay very easy for me to read. All of the things being said are important, the author isn’t just ranting on and on about useless information. I also think that the short paragraph fits with the tone of essay very well. Overall, I
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