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Feasibility study: One should the change criteria to make up for any criterion that is not applied in the study. Technical article: it is important to site the sources where the ideas are coming from. Statement of qualifications: It is not necessary to provide any extra information other than what the client expects. Pfeiffer and Boogerd identify some ethical guidelines that can be applied to workers at M&K. According to W.S. Pfeiffer, Jan Boogard “Ethics on the Job”, in Technical Writing: A Practical Approach (2004), the passage In the working world, one has to make ethical decisions on a daily basis. The actions followed by one’s decision define his/her stance on his/her morality beliefs. The authors agree that one’s ethical beliefs are developed through personal encounters, religion, cultural background, and childhood experience. The authors believe that there are some fundamental ethical guidelines which should be incorporated into the pattern of decision making in every company. Pfeiffer and Boogerd add that these guidelines ought to be the core values for workers at multinational companies like M&K. The authors emphasize that all information must be clearly made known to listeners or readers with regard to work which means no information should be hidden. The style of communicating the information varies across cultures, nevertheless, information need to be accurate and up to date. In order to maintain a positive and healthy working environment, workers are to be mindful about the words or actions that can make a negative impact on others. Despite the cultural difference in every worker, the goal is to create a workplace where everyone can live in harmony. Pfeiffer and Boogerd warn that actions should be taken to fulfil any commitment one makes with individuals in a company. At the same time, the authors remind ones that a commitment entails

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