Helicptor Parenting Essay

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Danial Ibrahim Mrs. Evans ENC 1101 3 October 2014 Helicopter Parenting: Taking a Detour In journalist Joyner’s article, “Boomer Parents Hover over Careers of Offspring,” published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on May 30, 2007, addresses the topic of helicopter parents and how they baby their children all the way until college or even a job interview. It argues that parents truly should not hover over their children’s lives for so long. Overall, helicopter parenting isn’t always the correct path to take for students because it can cause students to be immature, it may not help them reach their goals on certain jobs they desire, and will cause them to rely on their parents for almost everything. To start off, mothers, fathers and/or guardians should be parents to their children as much as their children can allow. Although children may enjoy the fact that their parents baby them around for most of their life, there should be an extent. If there is no extent to how their parents baby them, this will trigger immaturity. As journalist Tammy Joyner had written in her article, "The helicopter parent might be the kiss of death," said workplace expert John Challenger. "It shows how baby boomers are still influencing changes at work. This generation of children has grown up without much autonomy. I'm hopeful this is just a fad," (Joyner 1). Students may not realize how much of an impact their parents make on their lives; it could be from their mother joining them on a job interview or to sleeping outside the dorm on their college orientation! At the end of the day, you would be able to see a difference in a student that has “helicopter parents” and a student that does not just by their maturity. Parents not taking enough care of their children and parents taking too much care of their children both have negative effects on the child. There are so many factors

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