Heli Choppers Essay

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They weren’t the first in “the ditch.” That’s what the pilots commonly call the Grand Canyon, but they are the best. Maverick helicopter is the leading helicopter tour company in the world. They were founded by Greg Rochna. Greg and his wife had a vision to provide a service that wasn’t offered by other helicopter tour companies. In December 1995 Greg did just that. He started his helicopter tour company with only two helicopters. The company began in Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is known for their high level of service and accommodations. Greg and his new company planned on running the company just as it would be expected in Las Vegas. His company has grown in the past 14 years and he now can claim to be the largest fleet of EC helicopters. EC was a perfect choice for his higher luxury expectations. The helicopter prides their selves with a great interior featuring a 23% more space than the competing helicopter companies. Also, featuring the Movie theatre like seats and leather interior to look more professional not to mention the glass wrapped cockpit to maximum the view for their customers. Maverick started out in Las Vegas but in February 2005 they opened another location in the south rim. Both locations offer flight to, around, and into the canyon. The Vegas location also offers night flights around the large city. They offer many packages ranging in prices to accommodate most people. You can choose a package that only consists of the flight tour. You can also choose a package that allows you to land in the “ditch” and have lunch. Fly over Mount Charleston to the Pahrump Valley for a winery tour and dinner or take a round-trip race-day flight to the NASCAR events at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Maverick has taken a different approach and made their flight more personal than other companies. The pilots at maverick brief their passenger personally

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