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Reading Journal-Hal And Me The passage 'Hal and Me' talks about the impacts that network has on human beings. Nicholas Carr mentions his troubles to focus reading long paragraphs due to his habits of absorbing short and quick information from websites. He thinks it's the internet which cause people's incapableness to concentrated on reading passages. He cited a lot of examples and his own self-experiences to illustrated his points. First, he mentions some advantages of net, such as convenience, interest, and conciseness. However, due to these advantages of network, Carr finds himself unable to concentrate on reading a whole passage, instead, he is used to seek the interest word and to skim the whole passage. A lot of examples are used to prove that Carr is not the only one who is experiencing this situation. Take one from the examples Carr mentions, Scott Karp, a man who used to work for magazine has stopped reading books since he is accustomed to only spot the fun part of the passage on internet, which is impossible to abstain in reading a long passage. There are also some people prefer this net reading to the traditional books. An instance is brought by Carr, Joe O'Shea, who is a student from University, has no interests in reading. He thinks that to be a more professional information seeker on websites is more critical than reading books. Information online is more accessible to people due to its conciseness. As for me, I agree more with the points which O'Shea declares. Reading should be easy and accessible. Human beings invent a lot of devices just to seek for convenience. The Wright brothers invented aero plane in order to save human time and energy for walking. Yi Bi invented the skill of printing in order for people to save for writing every word. Now we have the internet, the fastest way for absorbing information. The basic meaning of

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