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The end is quite an open ending, and it does not have an answer for what is going to happen next, a typical novel genre feature called a “cliffhanger”. It ends with Oskar suspecting an evolving sexual relationship between Margret and Vilhelm, while being out for scotch and the binoculars with Bojrn (p. 6, ll. 12-15). He checks to see if they are visible through the binoculars, but he is unable to see them in the living room. He runs up to the house, and finds them in the living room, having a suspicion about they had just sat down again. As he steps in, Vilhelm says that it is late, and decides to leave with Bjorn. Margret had found out that Oskar let go of Jonas’ hand and that he was saved before Jonas. This was very upsetting for Margret to find out Oskar left his son. There is not a universal definition of a good father, but I believe there are certain clichés for the father figure, such as he is a strong, care-taking, encouraging and inspiring role model whom you can rely on. These features it not entirely adjectives that fits the father in the novel, such as he let’s Jonas down, and afterwards is trying to blame others for his mistake, although he is trying as hard as possible to become a good parent. This story can be related to the movie “”, which also is about an Indian father who wants the best for his sons, but in the end has caused more harm than

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