Heinz Guderian Essay

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I am doing my project on Heinz Guderian. He was the son of an army officer, he was born June.17, 1888 at Culm, on the Vistula, in Poland. He joined the 10th Hanoverian Jaeger Battalion as an ensign and completed a course at the War Academy just before the beginning of WWI. After attending war school at Metz in 1908, he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, backdated to 1906 and went again to Jaeger-Battalion. Guderian concentrated his idea on developing a highly mobile mechanised army. He wrote "Actung Panzer" which came to the attention of Hitler. This was Guderian’s plan to make war mobile by having a force that was consistently moving forward, never giving the enemy the time to regroup . From July 1934, Guderian was given the task by Hitler of perfecting the fighting techniques of the Panzers light tanks, supported by infantry and planes which was to become the Blitzkrieg mode of attacking an enemy. In Feburary 1938, Guderian was promoted to lieutenant general and the following month was involved in the occupation of Austria. Later that year Adolf Hitler appointed Guderian to the new post of Chief of Mobile Troops. However Guderian had difficulty explaining to his senior officers about the importance of tank warfare in any future conflict. Franz Halder, the Chief of General Staff told Guderian that the infantry would always be very important in any future war. Guderian led the attack on Poland in September 1939 and his success created controversy throughout the world. Despite this easy victory Guderian objected to the planned Western Offensive. When Hitler ordered the plan to go ahead, Guderian, who served under General Paul von Kliest, attacked at great speed and crossing the crossed the Meuse near Sedan on 14th May. Kleist now ordered Guderian to wait until the arrival of General Siegmund List and his 12th Army. Guderian disagreed with Kleist's view that the
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