Heinrich Schliemann's Story And Fairy Tales

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Heinrich Schliemann Heinrich Schliemann was born in Mecklenburg Germany on the 6th of January 1822. Schliemann’s father was a minister of religion and often told him about ancient times instead of traditional stories and fairy tales. When Schliemann was 10 his father told him about the Homeric tales. Schliemann was obsessed with these tales and his favourite was Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey. After his father told him these tales they would talk about them and after reading Homers tales Schliemann wrote that him and his father “both agreed that I should one day excavate Troy.” Schliemann used these words and his obsession with the tale of Homer as motivation to one day find and excavate Troy. Heinrich had many jobs as a boy but none of them were particularly glamorous or paid well but he was very bright and during his spare time had taught himself Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In 1851 he moved to California where his brother had made a significant amount of money in the gold rush. When he arrived he discovered the money was gone but he still got involved in the gold dust trade and managed to double his own funds making him very wealthy. He then…show more content…
While Schliemann was excavating the site he named 9 different phases of life in Troy using the 9 different strata’s, naming the top layer Troy 1 to the bottom layer Troy 9. Modern day archaeologists still use this method, stratigraphy, although now archaeologists are much more careful in digging the layers. By layering the site it helps determine the date of the objects found with the strata closest to the top being the most recent to the bottom strata being the oldest. Dating the strata’s also helped determine the change and progress in the lifestyle of the Trojans over

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