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Heineken Beer Marketing Research Spring 2012 Group 1 [pic] Abstract In our research, we chose criteria based on our literature which is important to consumers, including: Packaging/design, taste, image of brand, price, calories, lifestyle of consumer, and social/economic factors. As a group, we researched these criteria, making connections with our points and the empirical evidence that was found. There are many factors and alter the consumers' perceptions of different beers and different brands, and often times each individual consumer's criteria is not weighted the same way as the next person. One thing is for certain though; Americans love to drink beer. Because of this phenomenon, Heineken wishes to reposition their flagship brand as a younger, trendier beer and capture more of the 21 to 30 year old beer-consuming market. To achieve this goal, Heineken has hired Group 1 to conduct research on this target market and determine why college students buy beer. By defining the construct of a beer purchase and conducting qualitative and quantitative research Group 1 can help Heineken to reposition their brand to better suit a trend toward young, college-aged drinkers. Problem Definition Heineken has traditionally always been a beer for a mature demographic (Schmutt 2010); but recently, many of Heineken’s main competitors have begun to market their mature brands to a younger audience. Heineken too wants to capitalize on this growing trend of young (21-30 year old) drinkers, but lacks the research capabilities to carry out this task. Heineken needs an outline as to why college-aged consumers purchase beer so they can effectively market their brand to them. Construct Development Allison and Uhl (1964) did a blind taste test in which they tested the hypothesis that “Beer drinkers cannot distinguish among major brands of unlabeled beer

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