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Hedda Gabler As the scene opens in act 1 the setting takes place in Tesman’s living room. Henrik Isben immediately throws the problems in the play at you. Aunt Julia and Berta start off speaking about how unfortunate it is for Aunt Rina to be alone. Aunt Julia informs Berta how particular Hedda is after growing up as general’s daughter. We learn that Tesman and Hedda have recently married and just returned from a six month long honeymoon. Soon Tesman enters the scene greeting his aunt and sending Berta on her was to put away something in the attic. Tesman and his Aunt Julia discuss how fortunate he is to have married Hedda. This is where we’re first introduced to Tesman’s character and how he’s depicted as being very clueless and naïve. These character traits are shown early on in act 1 when Tesman’s aunt Julia asks him if he’s “expecting” anything. It is clear that Aunt Julia is perhaps hinting at the possibility that Hedda is pregnant. Tesman goes on to say why yes he’s expecting to obtain the position as professor clueless as to what his aunt is referring to. Which brings the reader to question whether or not Tesman is even aware of his wife’s pregnancy? Seeing that Tesman did not catch on to what she had been hinting at Aunt Julia continues on with their conversation. Speaking of their journey while honeymooning and the villa and its furnishings, have put them both in debt, but assures him that he shall get the position as professor. When Hedda enters the room she comes in rude and disrespectful. She starts off by implying that Aunt Julia’s visit is far too early and that the room has too much light coming in. She takes no interest in Tesman’s favorite slippers that have been embroidered by his aunt Rina and insists on Berta being let go for leaving her old bonnet on the chair. She also gets annoyed with Tesman when he talks of her

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