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Many works of literature are not readily identified with the mystery or detective genre, but nonetheless involve the investigation of a mystery. The solution to the mystery may be less important than the knowledge gained in the process of the investigation. In Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, the main character with the same name as the title confronts such a mystery. What mystery does Hedda confront? What does she investigate? How does her investigation illuminate the work as a whole? A good question to ask is what mystery does Hedda confront? Hedda confronts her own mysterious past. Hedda is a very dark character who is very similar to Medea. “Tessman, please draw the curtains.” (Act I) That passage shows that Hedda does not like things with a bright felling to them. She doesn’t like the smell of flowers and she also attempts to hurt people’s feelings. Hedda observes, “It was part of our compact that we were to go into society – to keep an open house… Well I shall have one thing at least kill time with in the meantime… My pistols…” (Act I) Is a passage that almost foreshadows the end of the story and how things turn out with Hedda. Hedda tells Judge Brack, “Tessman is forever worrying about how people are to make a living.” (Act I) Is another passage that can demonstrate that Hedda is not a woman with many worries because she has been living off of all the people she has known throughout her life. Hedda tell Mrs. Elvsted, “ What sort of man is your husband?... I should think that altogether he should be too old for you…” (Act I) This shows that Hedda is using Mr. Tessman only to get the house of her dreams. Hedda not only has to confront a mystery but also deals with mysterious emotional impulses to control someone else’s destiny. “I want for once in my life to have the power to mold a human destiny,” Hedda tells Mrs. Elvsted. (Act II) Is a very nice

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