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ASSIGNMENT NO.2 Q1. Why are successful projects so important to Hewlett-Packard? HP has an ongoing initiative to continually improve its project management practices. It is part of senior management's breakthrough objective to get the right products to market quickly and effectively. Its operations are all dependent on carrying out project so their success means a lot. The upper managers and project managers’ work together to increase project management knowledge and practice throughout the organization. Project management has become very important to HP's success because more than half of customer orders now come from products it introduced within the previous two years. Shorter product life cycles mean more new projects are needed to maintain growth. This calls for bringing about new projects that are innovative and comply with the company’s strategy. In this era of competition and globalization HP needs to have an extensive project management to ensure that its stays at the top. Q. How far should an evaluation team go in trying to quantify project contributions to the firm’s mission or goals? What is the role of financial selection criteria in HP’s project selection process? The evaluation team should gather data on each project. It should similar factors when describing each project in order to ease the evaluation process. Engaging people in extensive analysis and debate to get agreement on the major characteristics for each project. This is a time to ask basic questions about product and project types and how they contribute to a diversified set of projects. Reexamine customer needs, future trends, commercial opportunities, and new markets. The person consolidating the data should challenge assertions about benefits and costs instead of accepting assumptions that may have been put together casually. It is important for each member of the team to

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