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HEC101V/103/2010 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AFRICA DEPARTMENT OF TEACHER EDUCATION HEALTH EDUCATION TUTORIAL LETTER HEC101V/103/2010 2 Dear Student This letter contains: 1 2 Feedback on the discussion classes Closing remark 1 FEEDBACK ON THE DISCUSSION CLASSES During the discussion classes we focussed on: 1.1 1.2 1.3 The format of the examination paper Examination preparation The assignments The discussion was mainly based on a presentation of transparencies. You will notice that the sentences are sometimes incomplete and that phrases and telegram style are often used. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use similar style in the examinations. These transparencies were taken as a point of departure for the discussion and for the lecturer to elaborate on. 1.1 The format of the examination paper The following guidelines regarding the format of the examination paper is of the utmost importance. • The examination paper comprises of TWO sections, namely Section A and Section B. Section A consists of 30 multiple choice questions and is compulsory. Section B consists of THREE questions of 35 marks each. You must answer any TWO questions. • It is one 2-hour paper. • Paragraph and shorter type of questions are expected from you. • Note the marks allocated for each question. It is unnecessary to write half a page when a question is worth 5 marks. For a paragraph question worth 10 marks an answer of half-a-page should be sufficient, provided that you give all the relevant facts. • You must study the prescribed textbook in conjunction with Tutorial letter 501/2010 (which serves as your study guide) as well as all the tutorial letters. • Write clearly and legibly. • Number your answers correctly in accordance with the question numbers on the examination paper. • Please remember to enter the numbers of the questions in the column provided on the front

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