Heavy Rain Analysis

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Heavy Rain Analysis Heavy Rain stars you as four different characters: Ethan Mars, an architect grieving over the death of his son, Scott Shelby, a retired police officer turned private detective, Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler on the trail of a serial killer, and Madison Paige, an insomniac whose relation to the events of the game is revealed as the story progresses. During a rain-soaked autumn each of these characters finds themselves on the trail of the “Origami Killer,” who kidnaps young boys and drowns them several days later. Depending on the manner in which you play Heavy Rain, these characters may develop close relationships or even kill each other. One of them may even be the Origami Killer, and end up in a race against time to stop themselves from killing again. Heavy Rain ekes more suspense out of losing your child in a crowded place than most games ever do out of saving the world, but also manages to find exciting ways to bring classic procedural tropes into the gameplay without resorting to constant gunfights. Another level places the player in a different scene with a young child, but when this child goes missing you find yourself in a police interrogation room where they ask you standard questions like, “What was the child wearing?” As in real life, you probably didn’t realize the color of someone’s jacket would be the most important question in the world a few hours later, and all of a sudden you have to remember it correctly or risk getting someone killed. Another exceptional scene finds you interrogating someone with information about the killer… someone who quickly ends up dead. If you don’t want to be implicated in the murder you have just a few short minutes to wipe your fingerprints off of everything you touched over the course of the last scene. Every death pained me, every trap placed by the Origami Killer got my blood pumping, and
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