Heavy Breathing Essay

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For the past six years the media have been reporting a shortage of registered nurses (RNs) in the United States This shortage is most severe for hospitals, in western and southwestern states, in New England, and for specialized advanced practice nurses. Estimates of average nurse vacancy rates at hospitals range from 10.2 percent to 13 percent, with one in seven hospitals reporting more than 20 percent. (Projected Supply, Demand, and Shortages of Registered Nurses, 2000-2020) At PFCH the Chief Nursing officer has approached the President requesting that some consideration be taken into hiring more nurses. It has been mentioned that the nurses are over worked and it has begun to take a negative effect on patient care and frustration among the nurses causing them to consider leaving or leaving all together. Staffing calculations will be needed to present a solid and valid request. A FTE or full time equivalent is required to equate the hours that are needed to be filled. We also must consider the nurse to patient ratio as well as hours worked. One consideration in preparing a financial analysis would be annualizing positions, when two employees each are working half-time for one year as the same a one full time employee working for one year. This also helps in calculating how many nurses are required to fill a specific position within a 24 hour shift. In order to come to an amicable agreement that is beneficial to all, the CFO, Chief financial officer as agreed, per the nursing chiefs request and the CEO to formulate a financial analysis to compare where it is more necessary to hire more nurses or just give the current staff a pay increase.. Looking at the bed capacity and the nurse to patient ratio will enable Caterina Hossack, chief of nursing to present her proposal and aid in the decision that how many nurses are needed to ensure he proper ration of nurse

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